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10:40am 03-31-2022
le epik
11:54pm 01-14-2022
Sun Xia
Great site! Love the art! What's your favorite pokemon? My favorite is Stebe Jobs.
Replied on: 10:22am 01-15-2022

Thanks for visiting! I'm partial to Mimikyu.

5:05am 12-31-2021
Nice site.

Happy new year.
Replied on: 9:44am 12-31-2021

Thank you for visiting! Hope you have a great new year too!

12:59pm 12-07-2021
Artemis Vandrian
Love your story Amon! Hope to one day meet you in game. Have a great day!
Replied on: 9:43am 12-31-2021

Thanks so much for stopping by and for reading my story! I'd love to meet up some day, if you have access to Mateus - hopefully we'll get some cross data-center travel soon, as well!

7:05pm 11-06-2021
Thank you so much for super kind comment in my guestbook!! It meant a lot to me, and really made my day. I adore your site so much, it's so awesome and a real joy to look and read through! It reminds me how much I love FF14, and how I absolutely wanna play more when I have the ability to. I've added your button to the mutuals section on my about page too! ^u^ Thank you so much again, and keep up your awesome work with your lovely site!
Replied on: 10:19am 11-07-2021

It's always fantastic to run across another FFXIV player on Neocities! Hopefully you'll be able to pick it up again sometime, especially with the new expansion coming. Thank you for adding my link to your mutuals - I'll be adding you back right away!

9:47am 10-06-2021
Eolyn Viera
I have now seen the under construction gif, and am pleased. My experience is complete!

Best of luck in the new project!
Replied on: 11:55am 10-06-2021

Wonderful! Happy that you found it! Thanks for stopping by.

10:52pm 10-05-2021
What a beautiful website! It's making me really consider ditching wordpress and building my website again using more old-school tools like you have. I haven't done much and it feels intimidating to learn, but I love the feeling of static websites so much for personal sites, profiles, blogs, etc, so I might have to give it another go...
Replied on: 11:21pm 10-05-2021

Give it a shot! I've learned so much about coding and putting together a site just from experimentation. If you decide to go with Neocities (which is free and where I'm hosting), there's a nice community and following system - somewhat social media-ish. It makes it feel less like you're coding into a void. Let me know if you do and I'll give you a follow!

8:22pm 10-05-2021
Like the new site!
Replied on: 8:51pm 10-05-2021

Thank you very much, my friend! I appreciate you stopping by!

6:14pm 10-05-2021
Eolyn Viera
I didn't see a single under construction gif on this entire site and I am very disappointed.

((Looks cute!))
Replied on: 8:50pm 10-05-2021

There is one if you click the "Blog" option in the sidebar. Probably will be one for a while until I figure out what to do with formatting all my posts!

1:15pm 10-03-2021
Woah, you're updating fast! Love the allagan node theme. Will have to come back to read all the new updates soon
Replied on: 12:18am 10-04-2021

Thanks for checking in on the site! I'm moving content off of an existing WordPress, so that's why it seems like it's going fast! I have so much to move, though that it feels like a BIG job! That's okay - I'm having fun with it!

10:53pm 10-01-2021
This is really old skool, Amon.
Replied on: 10:54pm 10-01-2021

I know! Isn't it great?

11:57am 10-01-2021
Thanks so much for vibing in my sector! I hope you have a spiffy day!